Our Vision

The Vision of LifePoint Church

A dynamic church

  • We want you to leave each week renewed, refreshed, closer to God and ready for the week ahead. 

A church for the whole family

  • We look forward to and are planning for ministries for children and youth all the way to senior adults. 

A church for growing

  • Whether you know the Bible well or have little background with the Bible, we are a church where you can grow in your understanding of Jesus and His Word. 

A church for the unchurched

  • We want to be a place where people, who have given up on the church but not on God, can investigate faith and pursue answers to their questions at their own pace.

A church that serves the community

  • The church should not be about hammering people with guilt, pressuring people to give money or shackling people with legalism. Jesus calls His church to serve others and our goal is to serve the community with practical expressions of God's love. 

Question- Is it possible to dream too big? 
God wants us to dream big dreams 

  • We dream that LifePoint church grows larger and smaller at the same time. Large enough to reach out to the many people around us searching for God and small enough to connect each person in community. 
  • We dream that we become known in the community and the Greater Harrisburg area as a church that is making a difference in people's lives- marriages are strengthened, parents are equipped, people find meaningful friendships and relationships, bad habits are overcome, and the joy and power of the Christian lifestyle is celebrated. 
  • We dream that we would be a cutting edge church in contemporary worship (Drama, PowerPoint, video, and excellent music are just a few of the tools we hope to use as we clearly and creatively communicate God's word). 
  • We dream that our Children's Ministry KidzLife, would be so excellent, and so much fun for the kids that it makes McDonalds look boring. We hope that kids will beg their parents to take them to church.