LifePoint's Facility Expansion Project

As our facility is currently under construction and renovation, we are regularly rotating rooms and repurposing space throughout the church to accommodate the needs of our ministries on Sunday mornings. If you have any question about where something might be located during this period of transition, please feel to either speak with a staff member or usher, or check out the transition update in our program for the latest information. Thank you!



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to LifePoint Church?
LifePoint Church is located at 7733 Hillcrest Avenue, in Harrisburg PA 17112. Our meeting location is easily accessible from a number of key roads and highways.

What time does your service start?
Our service times are now 9 and 10:45 AM each Sunday morning. Feel free to come early and grab a coffee.

Do you have anything for children?
Your children will love LifePoint. We provide a fun, interactive and high energy environment for the children each week. Our KidzLife ministry is for children ages kindergarten through 5th grade. In addition, we also provide a clean, safe, well staffed nursery for the younger children. Our facility has excellent space for kids. Your children will not be in a separate building from you, so it is just a short walk down the hallway to check on them any time you want. You are also welcome to stay with your child if you wish.

What should I wear?
At LifePoint you can come as you are. If you would like to dress up a little, that's great. If you would rather wear jeans and come with casual clothes, that's great too. Our pastor and key leaders will probably wear jeans and more casual clothes most of the time. The bottom line is that we encourage people to dress comfortably.

What kind of worship do you have at LifePoint?
At LifePoint, we want you to leave each service refreshed, renewed and inspired to take new steps on your spiritual journey. We do this with a dynamic, contemporary, engaging style. Although we will do some contemporized hymns during the year, and especially at Christmas and Easter- these are the classics which many of us know- the bulk of our music will follow a similar style to what most of us listen to on CDs and the radio. Somewhere in our service, you may even hear something from the Beatles or Styx from time to time. Our ultimate goal in worship is to draw near to God and declare His worth. Multimedia, lighting, drama and PowerPoint will also help us engage God in new ways.

Do you have anything for youth?
Yes! We have an exciting youth ministry called the Asylum! The Asylum is a safe place for Youth to experience God in new and innovative ways. Many youth are finding great community and experiences in the Asylum.

Will I have to stand up in front of people and say anything?
Absolutely not. Most people will wear a name tag on Sunday mornings so we can get to know each other and you will be offered one too, but you are not obligated in any way to wear one. If you want to come late and slip into the back row just to check things out and make sure nothing is too strange, then feel free to do just that. We will not put you on the spot, single you out, call your name, ask you to pray or call you upfront to sing a solo. (Our pastor will tell his story sometime of how he and Denys were singled out years ago when they were checking out a church. Needless to say- they hated it- and you can be certain- that's not going to happen here.

Will I be pressured to give money?
Absolutely not. Each week we take an offering but you are under no obligation to give. In fact, if you are new to LifePoint, we will tell you that we don't want you to give. Our offering is for those who regularly attend and give out of love to support God's work. We do not and will not pressure people to give. God says that we are to give with a joyful and willing heart and not out of compulsion (2 Corinthians 9:7). Our service is a gift we feel privileged to give to you.

Do you have a denominational affiliation?
LifePoint Church is affiliated with the Brethren in Christ Church. The BIC Church is a solid group of Christ followers who have faithfully served the Lord in the United States and around the world for 200 years. Since most BIC churches vary widely, however, it is our hope, that people will check us out for who we are rather than evaluate us based on a denominational label. In addition to our BIC affiliation, we also like to tell people that we are interdenominational. Our primary goal is to reach beyond denominational lines to people from all types of religious and non-religious backgrounds. We envision ourselves as a safe, relevant and accepting place for all who have a desire to know God better.