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Lifegroups are a key aspect of our church community. These groups of 5-12 people meet throughout our community on a weekly or bi-weekly basis - at homes, coffee shops, or in the church building - to discuss that week's Life Connection or topic of their choice, pray together, build meaningful relationships, and share life together.

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This is what our Sermon Discussion groups are talking about!

How to Hug a Vampire

Current Series

Over the last few years there has been a serious coarsening of our culture.  People have lost respect for others who hold different views on life and politics and instead of discussing the differences people prefer a fight.  Disagreement has morphed into hate.  But we as Christ followers need to live differently.  We are called to love one another- encourage one another and pray for one another and this applies not only to the like-minded people around us but also to those who think differently.  Join us for this series as we look at how God wants our faith to inform our interactions with the different people- difficult people- and even the vampires- in our lives.

My Toxic Mind

Starting June 2

Our minds are extremely powerful.  What we think affects our emotions and fuels our actions and reactions.  And sometimes we take our lives to some dark places because we have not carefully interrogated our thoughts and guarded against extreme and negative thoughts.  Join us for this series as we look at practical strategies that help us avoid a toxic mind.

21 Days of Prayer

Starting Aug 4

Prayer has power. In this series, we are dedicating 21 days as a church family to prayer for our church, our community, and our world.


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