An act of obedience.  An outward sign of what's inside.

"Whoever believes and is baptized

will be saved..." - Mark 16:16

  Baptism is for ALL believers.  

If you have crossed the line of faith and accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, being baptized is the next step on your faith journey. Scripture makes it clear that anyone who believes should be baptized as a public declaration of their commitment to faith in the promise that Jesus Christ has for us.





Those who accepted his message

were baptized, and about three thousand

were added to their number that day. - Acts 2: 40-41

 Baptism is not about cleaning   yourself up. 

We will say it again - getting baptized does not require you to get yourself cleaned up. The only requirement is to believe and accept Jesus. Do you think the 3000 who heard the message and were baptized on the same day instantly became model Christians? No, because baptism means you are committing to the journey of growing and changing your life, not that everything will instantly be perfect.