What to Expect

We are glad you are considering LifePoint Church…

As you join us on a Sunday morning, we want you to feel at ease. For some of you, attending church is a new experience. For others it is not. Regardless of your religious and/or spiritual background we want you to feel welcome. So please relax, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the service. 

What To Expect

  • A Casual- Come-As-You-Are Atmosphere. You do not have to dress up, wear a jacket or tie or have polished shoes. We are a blue jean safe zone.
  • A Friendly Church.  We will welcome you and direct you to wherever you want to go- the auditorium, nursery, children's program etc. If you want to scope things out and be left alone that's OK too. We want you to feel comfortable to check things out in the way you feel is best.
  • A Dynamic Worship Time.  Our band plays today's music in an upbeat contemporary style.
  • Exciting and Inspiring Multimedia and Drama.
  • Relevant, Life Oriented, Bible Based Messages.  There is nothing worse than some pastor droning on about political views or boring us to death with words that have very little clear meaning. Our weekly messages deal with real life issues from a biblical and spiritual perspective. We address such topics as improving our relationships, handling stress, balancing out life's demands, finding success and significance and building strong families.
  • An Amazing Children's Program.  Our children's ministry- KidzLife is a top priority. Your children will love the high energy program our great leadership team puts together each week.
  • A clean, safe, well-staffed nursery. 
  • An excellent "Asylum" youth ministry. The Asylum is a "safe place for all" and we are excited about the many students that are connecting with this vibrant group, growing in their faith and having a ton of fun in the process. 

LifePoint is a different place. A safe place. An accepting place...for you and your family to draw closer to each other, to new friends and to God. We want you to leave each morning knowing that you matter to God and to us.