Service Groups

LifePoint Meals Ministry

The Meals Ministry, through its own team of volunteers and by partnering with our LifePoint LifeGroups, provides temporary home-cooked meals to those going through an extended illness, surgery, injury, loss, or grief, or those who have just recently had a baby, as a means of blessing that person and ministering to the physical needs of our church body. Participating in this ministry’s mission is an excellent way to serve others, share the love of Jesus, and make a difference in the lives of those around us.

If you would be willing to assist in providing a meal to someone in need or would like more information on becoming a part of LifePoint’s Meals Ministry, please contact Peggy McFarland ( ) or Shelly Evans ( ) today!

If you would like to submit a request to receive a meal or meals within our church community, please contact Pastor Glenn ( ), Aaron Smothers ( ), or our Meals Ministry Coordinators, Peggy McFarland and Shelly Evans.