The Safe Place For All

Middle-School and High-School Meet Sundays @ 6:00pm-8:00pm.

The Asylum is a place for students to meet on Sunday nights and make friends, laugh, ask questions, worship, and grow in our relationships with Jesus. Our goal is to be "The Safe Place For All" so that no matter where you are on your spiritual journey you can feel welcome here. At the Asylum you can ask tough questions, you can be open and honest, you can laugh so hard that you cry, or you can cry so hard that you laugh. You can play dodgeball, you can play Uno, you can rock out on the Wii, or you can enjoy a soda with a friend.

This is a place that is free, a place that is fun, and a place that is safe.
Come join us, we are always looking to make new friends. 

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Service day at Paxton Ministries

Asylum is going to help serve at Paxton ministries in Harrisburg. They serve many people in need and without a place to stay, by providing housing and care to people all over...

Asylum Youth Group

Come out and join the Asylum Youth Ministry for a time of hanging out, playing fun games, worship, and reading God's word. Middle School & High School (6-8PM)

High school guys small group Hangout Night

They High-school guys will be having a hangout night at Josh's house. The guys are invited to come, get some food, soda, and then we will hang out play some x-box, watch...

Asylum Spring Retreat

This year Asylum is doing a spring retreat at Camp Barachel in Lebanon. The retreat consists of messages, worship, small group time, food, games, and much...

Asylum Service Morning at the Food Pantry

A fantastic opportunity for Asylum students meet together to help out and serve at LifePoint’s food pantry! During this time we help sort food, take food to vehicles, and...

The Asylum at Creation Festival 2018

Asylum will be returning to creation in 2018!! We leave Tuesday, June 26th and will return on Sunday, June 1st. Creation Festival is a Christian music festival where...