The Safe Place For All

Asylum meets on Sunday nights from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Asylum is a place for kids to meet on Sunday nights and make friends, laugh, ask questions, worship, and grow in our relationships with Jesus and each other. Our goal is to be "The Safe Place For All" so that no matter where you are on your spiritual journey you can feel and are welcome here. At Asylum you can ask tough questions, you can be open and honest, you can laugh so hard that you cry, or you can cry so hard that you laugh. You can play dodgeball, or you can enjoy a soda and conversation with a friend.

This is a place that is free, a place that is fun, and a place that is safe.
Come join us, we are always looking to make new friends. 

Asylum Kickoff - August 25th


Attention Girls!


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Asylum Serves - Paxton Ministries

Asylum Serves - Caring Cupboard

NASH - Night at someones house!  July 27th and August 10th.